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Skin. Scar. Facial. 

Effective Result for Malaysian's Skin

Malaysia most trustable skin centre. Permanent, result-guaranteed & affordable skin-care solutions.


Our Promise

Long Lasting Beauty

Our pulse technology are able to penetrate 80% deeper, ensuring long lasting results.

Affordable For All

With our direct access to the latest technology, we are able to provide 3x cheaper treatment prices than our competitor. 

Safe Treatment, Qualified Team

All our treatments are approved & audited by authorities. Our therapists undergo intensive training in delivering the safest treatment for you.


Effective & Visible Result

Leg Scar Removal

Our best seller. With our latest Advanced Fluorescent Technology (AFT), we are able to remove most visible scar just within a few treatments. 


All Time Favourite

PicoWave Facial

Our signature formula to a brighter and glowing complexion. With special combination of lights & pulses, we are able to reenergise your inactive cells, removing your pigmentation, pimples and scars. Bringing out your true beauty. 

Our Treatments

No cream required. 

Underarm Whitening

Forget about using expensive cream or cosmetic products. Our pulsed light technology are able to reach a deeper part of your skin for a more permanent, effective & lighter skin-tone.  


Effective & Permanent

Visible improvement after treatment.

We pride ourselves in effective & permanent solutions for your skin. 

 Leg Scar Treatment


 Underarm Whitening

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Our Customers

Over 8,780 satisfied & happy customers.


Ms. Najihah

My 8 year's scar problem is gone. The team at Laser Light is very professional, try it yourself!


Ms. Kaleeda

Saya tidak sangka yang parut jerawat gelap yang saya alami semenjak zaman persekolahan, telah berjaya pulih! Servis disini 5 star! Recommended.

Cosmetic Entrepreneur

Ms. Jaslene

After underarm whitening treatment, I noticed that my underarm have lighten a lot. Now I have more confidence! 

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