What To Ask Before Getting PICO Treatment

"What is Pico? Is it expensive? Any downtime? Painful?."

People said curiosity kills the cat, but questions regarding something we are about to do or receive, does not hurt right? Especially if we are about to do something we have never done (read: receive a new treatment). Questions after questions we will ask the person in charge of the social media platform. Might be quite annoying but it’s human nature, we will keep asking questions while we are still breathing. As people said, we keep learning new things every single day.

What exactly is Pico?

Pico treatment is the latest device and addition from Korea. The light beam from the Pico helps to shatter stubborn pigmentations, reduces scars appearances, and reduces pimples at three times the speed of other devices in the market.

This is the most advanced machine that has been introduced that can treat scars and pigmentation. Pico utilised picosecond duration with high peak power and has a LIOB (Optical Breakdown) effect which targets the scars, pigmentation and acne.

Is the treatment expensive?

The price depends on which part you would like to do the treatment. It is quite affordable actually compared to other treatments. Other than that, it also depends on how many sessions you would like to acquire. The discounts will also be given based on the sessions you would like to take. Taking a package is a good investment, though you have to spend a hefty of money for the first session at least you don’t have to spend much money for the next few sessions.

Is there any downtime?

This is the most asked question among people who want to do the treatment for the first time. There’s actually no downtime after the treatment. You can do any activities, even outdoor activities; yes you definitely read it right! Most of the skin treatments we’ve ever heard have downtime. Some of it as such cannot expose your skin to sunlight, cannot wear makeup for 24 hours, cannot do outdoor activities and etcetera. Pico treatment has no such rules as there is no downtime for this specific treatment, interesting right? But, make sure to wear sunscreen when you go out.

Is it painful?

There might be some who have cold feet before they start the treatment and decided to run away. In our case, there are only a few. Most feedback from people who did Pico is they don’t even feel pain during the treatment.

Have you ever play catapult using a rubber band? Most of the time we would accidentally snap the rubber band on our skin, am I right? Another one would be, as Malaysians, some of us got to experience living in Kampung, climbing up the tree to pick coconut or even rambutan. Somehow there’re many ants on the tree and you got bitten by them (small ants). To sum up, that’s exactly how the treatment feels like.

Is it effective?

When it comes to the effectiveness of one thing, of course, we will ask if there’s a testimony for certain treatments. No one wants to waste their money if it does not give them any benefit or in our case, result. Worry not as for Pico treatment, the result can be seen after the first treatment, but for more effective results, it is suggested to do at least four to five sessions with two weeks gap between each session. Most people who did Pico were contented with the result after the first session which makes them immediately decided to sign up package.

Pico footage + Before and After photos

Is it safe?

Pico is completely safe for all types of skin. Be it sensitive, dry, or even oily skin, Pico can treat it. The device has been verified by the authority. It won’t damage your skin as the beam from the device penetrates and treat the underneath of your skin.

What should I do once get back home?

I cannot stress this enough, but your skin needs to be hydrated all the time. You will notice that after the treatment your skin will become quite dry. This is completely normal as your skin has been exposed to the device’s beam which does not harm you in any way. Hence, moisturizer needs to be applied at least two times a day, when you start your day and before you’re going to sleep. Moisturizer plays a big role in the healing process of your skin. Other than that, sunscreen also needs to be applied every single day to protect your skin from the sunbeam.

"Let us all hope onto the ride to 2021 with a better-looking skin with Pico!"


Prepared by,

Ms. Husna & Wafi,

Laser Light Skin Centre,

Laser & Light Holding Sdn Bhd