So, I Tried This to Remove My Scars

I love cat, I even own a cat named Max. I fed Max, threw away its poop, clean it up with much love and care, basically you could say I am smitten with my cat. You can even see the love brimming out both of my eyes. I even bought Max treats and toys, but the ungrateful cat decided to pay me with few scratches here and there, on my hands and legs. Sometimes I felt like smacking the heck out of him for scratching me. No, I am just kidding, I would not even dare to lay my palm and fingers on Max to hit it, except when I rub its tummy or grab it just to smooch Max with loves, but that’s a different story. I love him still, despite the scratches and scars.

I cannot even wear my favorite dress anymore. The scratches and scars somehow made me feel a little bit conscious of my skin until one day. It was a bright and sunny day and since it does not seems like it was going to rain anytime soon I decided to bring Max to a pet saloon because I was not in the mood to clean Max up. Once I dropped Max off at the pet salon, I decided to take a walk and do some window-shopping at the shops nearby.

I felt like heaven was on my side on that day when I suddenly stumbled upon a scar treatment centre. Without waiting much longer, I walked inside the shop and was greeted by the people who were assigned as the front desk, with a cheerful and big smile. I have been told that the consultation is free and since I was waiting for my cat to be done with its me-time, I decided to go for a consultation. Who would ever say no to free thing or in this case, free consultation, right?

The consultant that I was assigned was very friendly. The way she talked about the treatment was like she was reciting a story, very attention-getting and by the time the consultation ended, I realised I was hooked. I could feel like she emphatize with my skin condition. I grab the package on a whim as they were currently having a big promotion, especially for students.

The price of the package is very affordable but since I was still a student, I cannot pay on lump-sum. They gave me an option in which I can make two times payment for the package. Looking at the watch on my wrist, I still got some time left to kill before picking Max up from the saloon. I did my first treatment since there was a free slot at that time, given it was 3 pm on weekdays.

How does treatment works ?

If I would compare getting a scratch from Max’s claws and doing the treatment, I would say the scratch is more painful, or to be specified, sting like hell. The treatment was called light treatment and I was told that the light she was using was called Advanced Fluorescent Technology (AFT) which is the 5th generation of AFT. Before starting treatment, the therapist will apply some gel, which was quite cool for the light to absorb better. Another benefit of the gel, it was used to reduce the heat and light from directly hit our skin.

Is it painful?

In short, the treatment was not painful and hot. If anything it only felt like I was being bitten by an ant or stung by a bee. The bee part was absolutely wrong as if I was being stung by a bee, I would cry like a child who got their candy stolen. I would say that the treatment was kinda healing and relaxing, and the fact that I was having a stressful week with loads of assignments, the treatment helped me to relax.

Don't Worry , this treatment is not as painful or as scary as you are thinking.

How about the effect on scars?

The treatment took around 30 to 35 minutes since I did on my lower legs. Once the first treatment was done, I noticed that there was a slight change in my scars. I was really happy because finally, I found the right treatment to treat my scar! I went to get my treatment done with a gap of two weeks between each treatment. My scars were slowly started to disappear, little by little, and by the end of my sessions, my scars are all gone!

There are some cases show customers talk about their leg scars treatment experience.

I get a Happy Life !

Worry not, I still have my cat by my side after all the things it has done to me. Who would give away their fluffy best friend to other people for crying out loud! I have found a solution to run away from Max from scratching me and that is by giving it a play-mate, Ash. All is good with the scars gone, I can finally wear my favorite dress after a long time!


Prepared by,

Ms. Husna & Hui Chee,

Laser Light Skin Centre,

Laser & Light Holding Sdn Bhd

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