Say Goodbye To Your Dark & Hairy Underarm!

Embarrassed of wearing sleeveless or putting your hands up in public? The underarm is too dark for your own good? Underarm pigmentation can be such a hassle as you cannot even wear shirts, gowns or dresses of your choice.

The majority of Southeast Asia men said that women with dark armpit are a total turn off while in women’s eyes it is basically unhygienic.

In Malaysia, a sleeveless shirt or dresses are much needed on a hot and humid day.  Basically having a dark underarm can be a big hindrance and embarrassing for us.

Worry not as we have a perfect solution for your concern.

The Laser Treatment

Laser treatment can lighten up your armpit as it helps to remove the dark layer on the surface.  It can also help by slowing down the growth of hair on your armpit.  Other benefit is that, laser treatment also helps to exfoliate the skin as well as getting rid of pigmented dead skin cells.

The Causes of Dark Underarms

The main causes of dark underarm are stemmed from from shaving, plucking and wearing antiperspirant deodorants Shaving can cause pigmentation while plucking on a daily or weekly basis can cause an uneven skin tone on the armpit as it pulls a bit of your skin.

Antiperspirant deodorant is a big No-No as it can clog your skin by preventing sweat coming out of your skin.  Deodorant also contains chemicals.

Another reason for dark underarm is because of family genetics, obesity, medications and other factors.  The friction of the armpit can cause pigmentation as well.


Important tips for your armpit skincare is to buy fragrance and antiperspirant-free deodorant as both are big factors that can cause your armpit to become darker.

Avoid buying whitening cream from unknown sources as it contains mercury and can cause your armpit to become duskier. The risks of getting cancer and melasma are high if you use mercury-contained deodorant.

If you want to buy whitening cream, it is suggested that you buy the cream either at the clinic or pharmacy that has been registered to the government body such as Pharmaceutical Services Ministry Of Health Malaysia.

Our Advice

If you think that armpits do not even require a skincare routine, then you’re definitely wrong.

Our armpits also need to be pampered. The armpit needs to be exfoliated twice a week in order to remove dead cells that have been clogged up on your skin.

Another benefit is, it can increase your blood circulation. A smoother texture, fresher, and even skin will replace the old, dead, and flaky skin.

You can even put your hands up in the air as much as you want without any care.

Head to our clinic for fairer armpits, now!

So what are you waiting for?  Let’s sign up for laser treatment at

The Laser and Light Medical. No more dark underarms after you have done laser treatment with us!

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Ms Husna. Wafi, Laser & Light Holding Sdn Bhd

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