Is there any other solution for my skin than doing facial?

"I gave up doing facial until I was introduced to this magic treatment. So here is my story.” - Eireen, Cyberjaya.

"Doing a daily skincare routine will help make our face look younger with no wrinkles and can even remove pigmentation. That's what I heard ever since I was small. But is that the only solution? At one point in my life, or should I say once I started to care more about my appearance, I started to question myself, is there any other solution for my skin than doing facial? One that can be achieved in an instant. Yet I stick on to my daily routine with little improvements to show. I gave up doing facial once I was introduced to this magic treatment."

"I was surfing through the internet when I stumbled upon this magic treatment. It is called laser treatment. After checking on the before and after pictures and videos of every patient, I instantly fell in love.I picked The Laser and Light Medical clinic as it received good reviews from customers so far."

"Laser treatment is definitely way better than facial treatment as facial can only clean and treat the surface of our face whereas laser treatment can penetrate deep into our skin and helps to stimulate the skin better and make us look three times younger after one treatment. The baby-face look is in trend right now and laser treatment is the way to go for you to look years younger than you already are. It will only take four to five sessions and walla! Your face is transformed."

"Other than that, laser treatment can undoubtedly lose wrinkles and acne which is again, facial cannot do. You can use all the suitable products in the world for your skin and they still can't do you magic, but the laser can do it with only a few sessions. "

"Another benefit is laser treatment can completely remove pigmentation by shattering the pigmentation particles. Pigmentation is really hard to remove but with laser treatment, you can get an even-coloured skin tone. I have acne scars all over my face but once my sessions are done, all of the scars are gone like the wind."

"Actually, after the laser treatment, the skin would be dehydrated, dry, and sensitive for a while so the doctor advised me to apply moisturisers daily. I was also advised to avoid direct sunlight as it could damage the skin condition and will need a long time to heal so i wear sunscreen too."

"I have achieved my desired skin, so what are you waiting for? It's your turn now to achieve the smooth skin that you yearn for!" - Sincerely, Eireen.

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Kind regards (authors),

Ms Husna & Sir Wafi, The Laser & Light Medical.


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