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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

“I want to wear pretty dresses too but I can’t because I got scars all over my body.” - Angeline, Setapak.

Wearing pretty dresses and cool outfits without having to hide anything is pretty much everyone’s wishes, right?

Dark scars could be from falling of bicycle when you were still a child, accidently touch the iron while ironing your outfits to wear for the next day or even accidently got some hot oil splashing a bit on our hand while we were cooking.

We can get the scars pretty much from everywhere either unintentionally or intentionally. Some scars are from painful memories and some are from good memories. Either ways, we want to get rid of it as it is preventing us from wearing pretty and cool outfits. Scars are the evidence of our living in this world.

Wounds can be treated by putting on ointments but there will be some scars left.

Laser treatment can be very helpful for a better dark scar-free skin. Your scar will definitely pop off from your skin after the treatment!

Usually after the first treatment you will see the different but we suggest you to do four to five sessions for an effective and better result. The sessions for how many times you have to take will be decided by our consultants as they will have to take a look of your skin condition first before they start the treatment. The sessions you have to take also depend on the quantity of your scars and how large the scars are.

At The Laser and Light Medical, we can provide remedy for variety of scar for an entire body head to toe. From hands, legs, face, tummy, breast, butt and even miss v. Laser treatment can help to lighten up the dark and dusky scar.

Laser treatment is definitely a pain-free treatment. The laser that we used here is IPL laser which is Intense Pulse Light laser. Another one is PICO laser which will be here at limited time only. If you are wondering either laser treatment is safe or not, it is completely safe!

Sunscreen need to be applied on the treatment area to ensure the effectiveness of laser treatments. Other than that, lotion and moisturizer also need to be applied to avoid dry skin on the treatment area.

At the end of the day you will get the result that you want. The treatment will make your skin look more smooth and silky. Let’s sign up with The Laser and Light Medical.A scar-free skin is waiting for you!

Contact us and share with us about your skin problems. Free consultations for you! We care 😃

Kind regards (authors),

Ms Husna & Sir Wafi, The Laser & Light Medical.


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