I Have Not Done Anything Like This on My Face.

Parasomnia is a phenomenon in which one does something abnormal unknowingly in their sleep. It usually runs in the family due to the factor of genetic. In my case, I always woke up with a scratch on my face since I like to pop out my pimple. It has become a habit of mine to popped it out when I’m looking into the mirror, while playing on my phone, before going to sleep and the list goes on. Well, that’s what I thought why I got parasomnia in the first place. Plus, my mother always woke up with few scratches of dried blood on her skin which leads to a scar. After thinking for a long time, that must be the main reason where I got it.

Anyways, I have been trying to getting rid of the scar for many years. By luck, I stumbled upon an ad on social media platform which is called Instagram, probably due to the regulation of looking up a solution to treat a scar. Somehow Instagram has shuffled the algorithm and recommended me the scar treatment ad which made me felt very grateful.

I straight away booked an appointment which was very easy to make and I decided to receive the treatment as soon as possible which was the next day. I was very excited but at the same time, I also felt scared as I didn’t know how the treatment was going to feel like. Is it going to be painful or is there going to be a side effect? Those kinds of questions kept on lingering on my mind before I stepped inside the shop.

All of my fear went aside after I heard the explanation from the consultant. The consultant softly assured me and explained the treatment thoroughly. She also said that the treatment is not as painful as most people thought it is going to be. She’s really good at convincing people with her way of talking which made my fear went away in a second. The treatment suggested by the consultant is called Premium Triple x Pulsed Wave.

How does treatment works ?

Premium Triple x Pulsed Wave treatment mainly focused on shattered pigmentation, reduced pimples, remove the facial scar and big pores. Other than that, the treatment also helps to brighten up one’s face as well as dull skin. Fluorescent light which is called 5th generation Advanced Fluorescent Technology (AFT), ND-YAG Pulsed Wave, and low-level light was used for this treatment. The lights used, help to create a better result because it targets on three different part of one’s skin which is skin surface, skin surface and the inside of one’s skin.

The light penetrates inside your skin and heals the skin barrier. The light treatment helps heal and closed up the scar on one’s face especially scar from ice-pick kind of pimples. Ice-pick pimples are narrowed pitted in shapes and quite deep which somehow leaves a hole-kind of looking scars. The treatment will also help the skin to rejuvenate and new skin will come out. One’s skin will look much healthier and no more looking they have not been getting any sleep for ages!

Don't Worry , this treatment is not as painful or as scary as you are thinking.

After Treatment

After the first treatment, I could see an immediate result on my skin. I felt like I’m in one of those fairy-tale stories in which the treatment felt like a magic trick. If only I knew that this kind of treatment exists, I would have done it a long time ago. The amount of money I have spent on useless products just to see a quick result. I could even use it to treat myself to good food every single day but it’s all good now. I am very grateful to found this magic-like treatment.

There are some cases show customers talk about their Triple X treatment experience.

I change My Life !

I have not done anything like this on my face before. It felt really good and refreshing. I also felt like I am like a whole new person without all the scars I have got from my sleeping disorder, parasomnia. Of course, parasomnia cannot be gone in one night, but I have slowly and surely trying to keep my hands off myself. I also eat sleeping pills once in a while as well as trying to get as much sleep as possible by correcting my sleeping schedule to stop parasomnia. Due to hormones, pimples do appear but not as much as before. I also started to meditate a little to gain self-control over popping out the tempting red dot every once in a while.


Prepared by,

Ms. Husna & Hui Chee,

Laser Light Skin Centre,

Laser & Light Holding Sdn Bhd

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