Do You Really Need Facials Every Week?

"Skin looks dull? Looking like you have not been sleeping for ages? "

Our skins are exposed to pollution every single day. Air pollution is caused by factories, car exhaust, dust, and others. It is the cause of our skin looking so dull. There is a way to reduce the look of tiredness on your face! Our faces or skin need to be pampered by doing facial. If you are wondering how many times you should do facial, you should do it once a week. It is not a waste of money to do facial as it will give a good benefit for you.

Below are the benefits of doing facial:

Skin rejuvenation

When skin is exposed to air pollution, our skin will become a whole lot dryer. Hence, our face will become duller than it already did. A facial helps to rejuvenate our skin.

Clean dirt

As we go out and about our day with lots of outdoor and indoor activities, a lot of dirt will stick on our faces. We need to cleanse our face twice a day with facial wash, but does it helps to clean our face thoroughly? Facial wash helps to clean our face, but not in detail. Hence, doing a facial at a spa is much needed as it helps to clean the excess oil from our faces. They will proceed to exfoliate our face to eliminate the dirt and dead skin cells off of our skin.

Reduce acne

Facial can help to reduce acne. How you may ask? The experts will do an extraction on your face in which they will remove your blackheads and whitehead using a pair of tweezers. Extraction needs to be done at home instead of at the comfort of your home. You will accidentally cause a scar on your face if you do it on your own. Facial can remove the dead skin cells and simultaneously open up your clog pores and help your skin to breathe a little bit better.

Reduce stress

If you are dealing with a problematic housemate, workmates, and others that can cause headaches or even stress. Worry not as doing facial, it can reduce your stress. Doing a facial at home is not the same as doing it at a spa. The expert knows the pressure point on your face hence while doing facial, they will simultaneously massage your face. It will instantly boost your serotonin as well as improving your blood circulation. As it helps to increase your blood circulation, your skin will gain more nutrients and oxygen.

The don’ts before doing facial

Don’t shave

Your skin will become more sensitive after shaving. Your skin will also feel a little bit of sting and soreness. This is because while shaving, you might cut your skin a little. Facial mostly use and include water. Hence, it is not advisable to do a facial right after shaving. To have a better facial experience, shave a day after you did a facial, you will feel a lot more fresh.

Don’t shower

After facial, you must not take a shower or do steaming. Your skin needs a little bit of time for the facial essence to absorb. If you take a shower right after doing a facial, your face won’t have time to absorb and heal. Moreover, steaming your face can cause sweat while simultaneously open up your pores, which is good. The bad thing is the sweat will remove the essence of the facial. The dirt on your skin will transfer down on your face if you touch your skin directly with your hands and cause a breakout.

Don’t do facial every single day

As we all know, facial is good to do once a week, but there are also people who like to do it every single day. It is not good to do it every day as it will strip down the moisture of your skin. Hence, it will make your skin drier than it ever was. Facial need to be done once a week. If you think doing facial once a week is a burden, you can also do it once a month. Treat your skin as it is your baby, with gentleness and kindness.

Skin is the most important part of our body that we need to take care of. Pamper yourself once a while with a facial, you need it more than anyone! Who knows maybe you could find a better ways to treat your skin and spend your money on.


Prepared by,

Ms. Husna & Wafi,

Laser Light Skin Centre,

Laser & Light Holding Sdn Bhd

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