Why Do We Have Dark Smelly Armpits?

“Smelly and dark armpit can be such a bother. People do not even want to come close to us, let alone our family.”

It leads to us not having a close friend or family. Everyone just wants to stay as far away as they can from us. It even prevents us from approaching or befriending with strangers just because we feel more conscious of ourselves. Well, it is completely normal to have body odour, which I believe we all have been through every once in a while. However, it is not normal to have a smelly body odour every single day. Ever wonder why our armpits sometimes smell like an onion?

1) The Perfect Haven for Germs and Bacterias

Our body produces two kinds of sweat glands in which one is called apocrine sweat and another one is called eccrine. Apocrine only covers a certain part of your body such as the armpit or to be more specific, the hairy part of our body. Meanwhile, eccrine covers most of your body such as hands, legs, palms. The sweat gland actually is odourless. The fact that we don’t really often lift our hands makes our armpits the perfect ‘breeding’ place for the germs and bacterias. They love living there. There, you understand why our armpits smell terrible most of the time.

2) Poor Choice of Deodorant

One of the main reasons is because you are wearing the wrong product of deodorant. You must try every kind of deodorant until you find out the suitable one for your armpits. Antiperspirant is aluminium-based and that is why your armpits easily can get smelly. It clogs out your armpit from sweating which is not good for your health as sweating is actually good. Hence, you should avoid buying antiperspirants deodorant.

3) Poor Hygiene

The third one would be not practicing good hygiene. You should take a shower at the very least two times a day. Showering too much can also lead to a smelly armpit as the pH in the water is high which can eliminate the good bacteria. Showering took a toll on the balancing of the smell of our body. Hypothetically speaking, the higher the pH in the water, the greater the possibility of armpits being onion-smell-like.

4) Yes, Your Clothings!

Tight-fitting clothes and pants are what you usually opt to wear if you are suddenly up to go for a jog or working out. Once you come back home the first thing you do is either lying on the bed or switch on the TV without taking off the shirt. If this becomes a habit of yours or you can relate to this then please stop doing it. You should straight away get rid of your clothes as soon as you reach your house as tight-fitting clothes are one of the main reasons why you have dark and smelly armpits. The clothes prevent your skin from getting air which will trap the bad bacteria and cause foul-smelling underarms. If you want to wear tight-fitting clothes, it is suggested that you wear them infrequently instead of every single day. Or, choose your clothes materials wisely! Uniqlo’s Airism series of clothing are often highly-recommended for people who sweat profusely because the material is tech-driven to keep our body dry and it won’t trap germs and bacteria easily.

5) Have a Look at Your Everyday Diets

The food that you eat on a daily basis could also become one of the reasons. Drinking the day before you have work is totally not advisable if you do not want your colleagues to have a glimpse of the smell of your body odour. Next, eating onion is also not advisable. Just because you are wearing a mask, does not mean you can hide the smell of onion coming out from your mouth, which is unpleasant. The body odour will give out the hint to the people around you on what you eat. It is not wrong to eat it but you should eat it seldom. Seeking help from a dietarian is also good to keep in check your diet if you are not feeling confident about what food you are not allowed to eat.

6) Stress. Stress. STRESSSS!

Stressing out over the deadline of assignments is what most students do if they procrastinate a lot. The sweat glands that come out when you are stressing out are called appocrine which is the smellier out of the two sweat glands. Worry not as it is completely normal to sweat as it charges for the hormone and emotion in your body that causes your body to sweat. Next, the emotion of fear also can cause your body to sweat a lot, which is again, completely normal for your health.

If your body keeps on giving a bad odour despite going through many solutions to get rid of it,

..it is suggested for you to seek help from the doctor.

It could be something inside your body that keeps making your armpits smelly frequently.

Prepared by,

Ms. Husna & Wafi,

Laser Light Skin Centre,

Laser & Light Holding Sdn Bhd

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