My Skin Feels So Much Better After Trying This!

We lose our skin elasticity as we grow older. It is because our skins tend to get thinner and dryer as we grow older, compared to when we were younger. As a 49 years old woman, my skin is dull and not firm anymore. I begin to have crow feet on both sides of my eyes. Wrinkles are also appearing like nobody’s business. Seems like age is catching up with me and it is coming so fast, I’m having trouble to keep up with it. What am I going to do? Obviously I am not blessed with good genes coz to have good and healthy skin at my age is a blessing which is not everyone can attain but sadly I am one of those unlucky ones. Wrinkles and hyperpigmentation started to appear more on my face which I know, what I have been destined to since I almost reached the golden age.


Although I am almost 50, I still want to look and feel good about myself. Well, who isn’t? Impossible though it may sound, I always dreamt of having a healthy skin condition. Hence begin my hunt for the fountain of youth. After sharing my concern with my 21 years old daughter, she introduces me to an aesthetic centre which is called Laser Light Skin Centre. The name intrigued me and I wonder what kind of treatment they offer.

She explained everything about the aesthetic centre to me to fill in my curiosity. She even helped me with all of the inquiries as well as booking for an appointment. I decided to book an appointment for a consultation first and if I am interested in what she told me, I will proceed to do the treatment.


I was very nervous on the day of the appointment since I don’t know how the treatment will turn out. I was scared that it would be painful. The consultant gave me a lot of advice regarding my skin. It turned out I am suffering from hyperpigmentation and wrinkles because I abandoned my skincare routine. As a working mother, I do not even have the time to look in the mirror or worrying about my face. Family and work are the only things that I paid my attention and commit to.


Once I lay on the bed, the therapist started the treatment by cleansing my face using their in-house product. Then they proceeded to the next step which is the pulsed-wave treatment. The device that they used for my face was called PicoWave (see more). I have been told by the consultants there will be a lot of changes once the treatment is done. I was relieved that the treatment was not as painful as I expected it to be. It only felt like I was being snapped by a rubber band or bitten by an ant.


The therapist advised me to wear moisturizer regularly as the skin will be a little dry after the treatment. I was satisfied with the result and took the chance to take a package as the package offered was affordable. You can pay by instalments times if you take a package. My skin also feels so much better after trying the treatment.

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