4 Things You Must Ask Before Light Treatment

If you are new to something or you are up to doing something new, there will be many questions running through your mind. I mean, who does not? Especially if you are not familiar with that thing. Loads of questions will be shots to the person in charge. Bless the person in charge for having such patience with such customers. The questions that are often asked by us would be what, why, and how. There is nothing wrong with hitting people with series of questions. In fact, it is better to ask if you are not really sure because keeping your mouth shut might leads to chaos, who knows? With that being said, today I am going to share with you guys the questions that are frequently asked by customers regarding our treatment.

How does the light treatment work?

Light treatment is the latest addition to skin rejuvenation in the beauty world. What is a light treatment you may ask? It is definitely the same as a laser treatment but works wonders and way better than laser treatment. The products that are introduced under light treatment is AFT (Advanced Fluorescent Technology) and Pico Wave.

AFT is specialized in scars, whitening, hair removal, pimples, and others while Pico Wave is specialized in whitening and has been proven to give the best result among the light treatment.

Pico Wave is also known as a device that can help people who are suffering from acne and scars as it shattered stubborn pigmentation, reduce scar appearances as well as reduces pimples at three times the speed of other light and laser devices in the market.

Is it painful?

There are cases in which a customer ran out before they even stepped inside the treatment room because they were really afraid of trying out this treatment.

Worry not, this treatment is not as painful or as scary as you are thinking.

In fact, we even have a customer as young as 4 years old. When they were asked how the treatment felt like, “it only feels like I’m being bitten by an ant” or “feels like being hit by a rubber band, were the most answers given by the kids. If kids can bear with the painfulness (which best describe as, not painful at all), you also can!

How many sessions do I have to take?

Each skin has a different healing time in which the younger you are, the faster the time it took for your wound or scar to heal. Unfortunately, that hypothesis does not apply to light treatment. The devices work for all skin types, no matter how old you are, and give the best result within few sessions. After the first session, you can already see the differences on your skin but it is best and suggested for you to take few sessions in order to get your desire result! The scars will fade and your skin will smoother and lighter than before. Most of our customers are satisfied after finishing their sessions of treatment.

How long does the treatment take?

Some people are busy with works, kids, house chores, and got no time to treat and pamper their skin but worry not as our treatment is not time-consuming. You can even slot in between lunch breaks to do treatment! Each body part has a different time of treatment. Lips and upper lips do not require much time as it only took 15 minutes as it is the smallest part of your body. Legs usually took around 30-45 minutes as legs are the longest body part. The next one is back and hands which only took half an hour.

Is it worth it?

Definitely worth it! It depends on people in my opinion. If you have been suffering from the scars or acne that keeps on messing up with your mental health because of its appearance, it is best to take a shot at opting for this treatment. One might try as best as they can to cover up their scars because of name-called and constant tease by their friends or classmates. It has been proven that a scar can affect ones’ mental health. This might be the solution you are looking for your whole life. It will help you lift up your confidence and smile back as it helped mine. It also might be the best investment for yourself.

Questions are all answered, now all that is left is finding the nearest light treatment centre. Laser Light Skin Centre is currently having a 70% promotion for beloved customers with loads of free gifts waiting for an owner like a diligent puppy.

Come and grab it before it’s too late!


Prepared by,

Ms. Husna & Wafi,

Laser Light Skin Centre,

Laser & Light Holding Sdn Bhd