3 Things You Have Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

Skincare has its own rule and routine. Once you mess up the routine, then all of the hard work of your skincare routine will go down the drain. Your skin becomes flaky, uneven and you could even grow acne along the run. Not even that, there are still some people mindlessly do their skincare with their own routine, without looking up for the steps of wearing skincare hence making their skin worsen. Some of the things you have been doing wrong your whole life are not putting sunscreen, not doing skin treatment but only going for the spa, and using soap to wash your face.


Not wearing sunscreen is like asking for skin cancer for free. Sunscreen is very crucial for our skins as it protects our skins from the UV sun rays. The chance of getting skin cancer is high if you do not wear your sunscreen. It needs to be applied each day and reapplied when needed. Buy a sunscreen that suits your skin type. If the new sunscreen that you buy shows signs such as acne popping out after two weeks of wearing it, stop using it. Buy another one until you find the one that suits your skin type. It is try and error. And you need to wash your face thoroughly after wearing one.


The second one is not doing advanced skin treatment but only going for a spa. If you are looking for a temporary change with a relaxing atmosphere, you can go for a spa. However, if you are looking for a long-term change you can opt to go for advanced skin treatment. Light treatment is way better than a spa treatment. The light energy will penetrate deep inside your cell and go through the second cell which is called the dermal layer and stimulate as well as rejuvenate your skin better while the facial spa will only help with the first layer of your skin which is called the epidermis.


The third one is using soap to wash your face. Using soap to wash face is definitely a big no. The soap contains a high pH that will damage your skin barrier. Other than that, it will also make your skin dry and can cause the appearance of acne as soap is only for body-use not for face-use. Soap also contains fragrance and has been dyed hence it will irritate skin if it is being used on the face. One thing I would advise is to not be too stingy and lazy. Invest your money on skin treatment for a smoother skin instead of using soap or opt to buy a facial wash instead of grabbing what is the closest to you in the bathroom. It will be a long-term investment that will benefit you and your skin in the near future.

Now that I have given you a lecture on what is good and what is not for your skin, I suggest that you follow these rules in order to achieve better. What’s better is that you can even sign up at the Laser Light Skin Centre to give you the confidence that you desire to have!

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Prepared by,

Ms. Husna & Wafi,

Laser Light Skin Centre,

Laser & Light Holding Sdn Bhd

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