3 Myths About Advanced Skin Treatment

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Everything has a myth of its own, from the smallest to the biggest thing and from the way we walk to the way we talk.  Myths are created by people.  It has played a big role in our society.  It is just a blatant lie but people still believe in it.  Believe it or not, even laser has its own myths.  The myths are it is expensive, painful and does not produce results as expected.

The Cost Of Laser Treatment

If you think that laser treatment is expensive, worry not.  The treatment is affordable, surprisingly.  Now you don’t have to pay lump sum for the treatment and can choose to pay by instalment, i.e. by paying after session of treatment.  The cost varies as each laser has different effect hence the difference in cost as well.  Here in The Laser and Light Medical, we recommend that you take the package as it is more affordable and economical by getting a 10-70% discount.  However, the price differs depending on which parts of the body that you want to do the treatment.  It is not a cheap treatment however it is also not an expensive one.It is still affordable and economical and can be a long-term investment for you.


The second one we always hear is laser treatment is painful.  On the contrary, it is a pain-free treatment.  The pain is akin to being bitten by an ant or a rubber band snapping on your skin.  It won’t make you writhe on the treatment bed as most like to imagine it will be.  It also depends on your pain tolerance as well and worry not as the pain is still manageable and very minimal.

The Results

Last but not least, the most infamous myth for laser treatment is it does not produce result as expected.  Of course, laser treatment is not a magic wand that can erase your skin problem in one go, but if you see a slight difference after just one session then you are one of the lucky ones.  It requires consistency and many sessions to get the desired results.

As for the scar treatment, it cannot be totally erased in just one treatment.  You are required to do a few sessions in order to completely remove the scar.  Once again, you can see a little difference after one session depending on your skin condition.  Laser treatment can also lighten and whiten your skin by removing the pigmentation.  Even hyperpigmentation is curable by laser treatment.

So now that the myths have all been cleared up, would you care to come for a treatment?

At The Laser and Light Medical, we can treat all of the problems stated above.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s sign up at the Laser and Light Medical for a more desirable skin!

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Prepared by,

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Laser & Light Holding Sdn Bhd

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