Real Premium Pico (RPP) 

Why should I do Real Premium Pico ?

Real Premium Pico Wave is the fastest technology now. Due to its speed, higher power can be applied to solve all kinds of skin problems including pigmentation, open pores, wrinkles, sagging skin and also for general skin rejuvenation.


A standard Pico Wave treatment can make your skin look younger by approximately 3 years. A series of treatment can make you look younger by 10 years! This technology makes it possible. 

Triple X

What are the immediate benefits?

Deep Cleansing: Vaporizes Dirt and Removes Bacteria

Brighten: Dull Complexions and Unevenness, Fading Sun, Age and Acne Damage

Wrinkle Release: Leaving Skin Smoother and Tighter

Remove Spots: Helps Get Rid of Acne


What are the long-term benefits of Regular Treatments?

Stimulates Collagen and Elastin Production for Firmer Skin

Reduces the Visible Appearance of Pores

Evens Skin Tone and Texture

Reduces Hyperpigmentation and Melasma

Clears acne and helps prevent future breakouts.

Reduces Overall Redness

Reduces Visible Scarring From Acne Lesions.

How soon will I see results? 

After your first treatment, you will immediately notice clearer, brighter, tighter and smoother skin. Regular, frequent treatments lead to optimal results. Improvements will accelerate after each additional session. Please note that everyone’s skin is unique and individual results may vary.


How does Triple X differ from other laser treatments out there?

Triple X employs the synergistic effect of both LIGHT and WAVE based therapy to augment the effect of a normal laser therapy. The effect is up to 5X more effective compared to normal laser therapy. 


How frequent can Triple X be done?

We believe in establishing a weekly routine to maintain clean, bright, healthy skin. Once you have achieved your personal skin goals like clearing acne, sunspots or scars, we recommend weekly laser treatment. On average, our clients receive three facials per month.

Is there any downtime?

No, there is no downtime. 

Does it hurt?

No. You’ll feel a mild tingling sensation that is noticeable but not painful.


How long does it take?

30-40 minutes is all it takes. 

Can it be done together with Ultimate Facial?

It is ENCOURAGED to be done together with The Ultimate facial as Triple Laser targets the dermis (middle layer) of our skin to encourage collagen growth while The Ultimate Facial targets the epidermis (outer layer) of our skin to clear up and prevent acne-causing blackheads and whiteheads.

How should I care for my skin after treatment?

We advise you to: 

  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure

  • Apply moisturiser and sunscreen twice a day

  • Do not use a scrub for one week

  • Do not wash your face with very hot water.

  • Do not use skincare products which contact actives such as AHA, BHA, Retinol and Glycolic acid.

  • Avoid sweating profusely for 1-2 days

  • Avoid putting makeup on for 12 hours (on the same day) 

Who Should Not Undergo A Treatment? 

Anyone with : 



  • PHOTOSENSITIZING MEDICATIONS e.g. Tetracyclines, Sulfonamides- must wait one week after the last dose. Oral Retinoids (Isotretinoin, Accutane)- must wait 6 months after the last dose.

  • Chemotherapy


  • VITILIGO (May still have treatment if vitiligo has never been present on area being treated)



  • For bearded clients, it's ideal to come in clean-shaven or with only up to 2 days stubble, as we will avoid areas with facial hair growth.   

The Ultimate Facial 

Why is it called Ultimate Facial?

Because it’s really is the ONLY facial in town you want for your skin! With a combination of steaming, extraction, AHA and BHA infusion for exfoliation, radiofrequency and ultrasound to stimulate collagen, PLUS you can even add on a mask to lock in moisture, we are confident no other facials can achieve what the ultimate facial can do. 

How frequent can I have Ultimate Facial?

Weekly for the best effect! 

Who should have Ultimate Facial

Anyone who prioritises the hygiene of their skin and wish for a deep cleanse. Deep cleansing is hard to achieve with normal cleaning at home.  


Is it painful?

Nope! You will feel a prickly sensation on your skin during the radiofrequency step and a vibration sensation during the ultrasound step but there won’t be any pain. 


How long does it take?

30-45 minutes depending on how your skin is. If your skin has a lot of whiteheads and blackheads, we will take a little extra time to extract em’ all! 

Can it be done together with Triple Laser?

Yes, yes and YES! The Ultimate facial will make your skin more ready to receive the Triple Laser! 

Scar Removal

What do you use for scar removal treatment?

We use a light-based therapy for scar removal. It has been very well received by our customers for its remarkable effect. Our scar removal treatment is especially good for hyperpigmented scars after injuries, scratches, acne etc. 

How many treatments are needed?

Approximately 70% improvement can be seen after 3-5 treatments depending on the scar severity.  Most remarkable improvement can be seen if treatment is continued. Cause of the scar e.g. acne, scratching needs to be eradicated as well. 


What is the best treatment for an atrophic scar?

The best treatment for atrophic scar is a combination of laser therapy and PRP (platelet-rich plasma). Do come over and have a consultation with our in-house doctors and consultants for more details.


What is the best treatment for keloid scar?

The best treatment for a keloid scar is a combination of laser therapy and steroid injections. Do come over and have a consultation with our in-house doctors and consultants for more details. 

What about acne scar? 

There are several types of acne scars. Generally, a series of laser treatment works very well for the healing of acne scar. PRP can be added on for exceptional effect. Do come over and have a consultation with our in-house doctors and consultants for more details. 

How to care for my skin after a scar removal procedure? 

  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure.

  • Apply body lotion twice a day.

  • Do not scrub for 72 hours.

  • Do not shower with very hot water.

  • Do not use skin care products which contact actives such as AHA, BHA, Retinol and Glycolic acid.

  • Avoid sweating profusely for 1-2 days

  • Wear loose clothing. 

Hair Removal

How is hair removal done in your centre?

We use a light-based method for hair removal. The light at a specific wavelength targets the pigment in our hair causing slower hair growth. 


How many treatments are needed to see an effect?

With each treatment, you will notice slower and finer hair growth. At least 4-5 treatments are needed to see 85% of hair removal, and the rest of your hair will look very fine. Maintenence treatment once every 4-6 weeks is encouraged to prevent hair from regrowing. 


Is it painful?

Not at all! Light therapy uses heat and light, hence you will only feel a slight warmth at 40-degree Celcius on your skin. It is very tolerable and some people even sleep through it. 


How is it different from waxing?

Light-based method of hair removal is more permanent than waxing. Waxing is painful, as hair roots are removed from the hair follicles. As the hair follicles are not destroyed, the hair will regrow after 2-3 weeks. Laser hair removal is more permanent and can keep hair from regrowing up to months. It is also painless. Waxing also causes more problems of ingrown hair and is not suitable for people with psoriasis and eczema. 


Can you do it over your bikini line? 

Yes, we call our treatment the Miss-V where we remove hair around the bikini line so that you can proudly showcase your new bikini! We also have Brazilian hair removal which means complete removal of hair up to the peri-anal area. Fancy skinny dipping anyone?

Which other parts of the body can laser hair removal be done? 

Any and every! Arms, legs, chin, area above the upper lips and etc. 

How should I care for my skin after a hair removal procedure? 

  • Do not shave or pluck hair at the area after laser treatment.

  • Come back for the second procedure after one week. 

  • Apply moisturiser twice a day

  • Do not shower with very hot water

  • Avoid sweating profusely for 1-2 days

  • Wear loose clothing.

Breast Enhancement

What is it for? 

Firming, lifting, and enlarging one’s breasts without having to go under a knife. 


How does it work? 

Light energy stimulate collagen proliferation and increase the size of one’s breasts. The Light also causes contraction of the fibrous tissues which are the support structure of one’s breasts causing elevation of breast and nipple height. 

How many treatments are needed to see an effect? 

After 3-7 treatments, depending on how saggy one’s breast is before treatment. You will notice an elevation of your nipple height by 3-5cm after 4-5 treatments.


Is it painful?

Completely painless! 

Is there any side effects? 

Nope! It is a very tolerable treatment


I am shy, is there anything that could help?

Our therapists are professionally trained and will treat you with the utmost respect. 


How to care for my breasts after laser?

  • Moisturise the skin over your breasts twice a day 

  • Do not shower with very hot water

Buttocks Enhancement

What is it?

It is a light-based method to stimulate collagen growth in your buttocks to create firmer and rounder buttocks


How many treatments are needed to see an effect?

Depending on how your buttocks are before treatment and depending on the effect you want to achieve, treatment ranges from 4-6 or even more for better effect. 

Is it painful?



How to care for my buttocks after treatment?

  • Avoid very hot shower

  • Moisturise the skin twice a day 

  • Wear loose clothing.